the state
of the art
7,8 M €
1 JANUARY 2020
A unique manufacturing process

The SOLiDIFY project proposes a unique manufacturing process and solid-electrolyte material to fabricate Lithium-metal solid-state batteries – known as Gen. 4b on the EU battery roadmap. The concept is based on a solid nanocomposite electrolyte or nano-SCE. It is made by a sol-gel reaction which is used advantageously for a liquid-to-solid approach in the fabrication of the composite cathode and the solid-electrolyte separator.

The larger scope of the SOLiDIFY project entails the development of a novel and potentially European-lead solid-state battery technology with fully covered EU value chain.

Why solid-state battery?
uniqueness of our approach

Global efforts towards reduced CO2 emissions are pushing towards a rapid implementation of electrification of transportation. However, to convince the average consumer to buy electric, and thus enable a reduction of greenhouse gas emission, the electric vehicle should be affordable, safe and with the comfort of large enough driving range and short enough charging time. Those four key requirements are directly linked to the performances of the battery cell, a key component in Electric Vehicle . Current battery cell technologies are reaching their limits. A main difficulty lies in increasing further the driving range and charging time while maintaining a safe operation of the cell and EV.

The SOLiDIFY solid-state battery concept and its unique solid electrolyte component can offer a solution for most shortcomings in solid-state battery technology including upscaling and manufacturing.
The project comprises the development of a manufacturable solid-state battery technology based on a unique liquid-to-solid processed solid electrolyte which is easily impregnated into the electrodes providing multiple advantages towards cell performance and upscale manufacturing both directly in relation with the cost of cell (€/kWh)

Using solid-state battery is key to provide a combination of performances: safety + longer driving range (energy density of the cell in Wh/L) + faster charging time (< 20min)

Lithium-metal solid-state batteries
an ambitious project

SOLiDIFY’s general ambition is to demonstrate the upscaling of the various technologies (processes, components and materials) introduced in the new type of intrinsically safe rechargeable solid-state cell which brings advances beyond the state-of-the-art liquid or other solid-state battery technologies.

the next generation batteries

SOLiDIFY’s mission is to develop the next generation of safe and high-performing, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable batteries for electromobility by using unique materials and up scalable manufacturing processes.

a european project

SOLiDIFY’s vision is to contribute to the European society via the strengthening of the European battery value chain through the development of a competitive and sustainable battery cell.


Cell performances
- Cell energy density
> 1200Wh/L
- Cell charging capability
in 20 min (3C fast charge)
- Useful cycle lifE
> 1000 cycles
- Reduced flammability in temperature range -40°C to 300°C thanks to unique Solid Electrolyte
- Stable Chemistry thanks to advanced coatings
- Achieve the cell cost target of <100€/kWh
- Develop easy to upscale manufacturing process thanks to Liquid to Solid approach for the Solid Electrolyte
- Lower Cobalt content
- Water-based process
- Decarbonize transport by reducing CO2 emissions once equipping Electric Vehicles