As the leader of the electrolyte scale up, Solvionic is working on the development of ionic liquid based solid state electrolytes to ensure safety and battery performance. Electrolyte developments will ensure electrochemical performances, safety, manufacturability and cost competitiveness.… Read More


Leclanché is a pioneer in making lithium-ion cells more eco-friendly by employing exclusively water-based binder technology for the electrode production. As one of the industrial partners of the SOLiDIFY consortium Leclanché is helping in defining a suitable cell design, cell testing procedures and overall requirements of the final cell in… Read More


GEM contributes to increase the physics-based modeling and simulation capabilities for solid-state batteries. In particular, GEM develops a 3D multi-physics model of the battery cell based on the finite element approach. The model aims to simulate thermal, electrochemical and mechanical phenomena, analyse aging mechanisms, and, being parametrized, it will be… Read More